After the passage of Hurricane Katrina across the Mississippi Gulf Coast in August of 2005 the South Alabama Presbytery was kind to its fellow coastal churches in South Mississippi.  They began bringing pastors and members to Fairhope/Foley for spiritual renewal in an effort to help them to cope with the demands on their talents in dealing with their congregations in the aftermath of the hurricane.  During that time a couple of brave souls from Mississippi, Cookie Wolf and Chris Bullock, slipped off to attend something called Cursillo in Alabama.  This was the beginning of the germination of the Cursillo seeds planted in Mississippi.
These individuals worked with the South Alabama Presbytery to set up a Cursillo weekend for Mississippi participants and worked in Mississippi to recruit participants.  The Alabama Presbyterian Cursillo hosted M/APC – A in spring 2007 with all of the participants coming from Mississippi.  It was a tremendous success and produced an excited group of Curstillistas who came back to Mississippi with a renewed spirit and began to spread the word about Cursillo.  In the fall of 2007 Alabama held M/APC – B.  That core group of Curstillistas from M/APC – A and B met at Gautier Presbyterian Church in November 2007 to begin the process of forming the Mississippi Presbyterian Cursillo.  A council was formed, officers elected and committee chairs appointed.  This group undertook the tasks of organizing the Mississippi Presbyterian Cursillo and preparing for MPC #1 at Paul B. Johnson State Park near Hattiesburg, MS.
MPC #1 was held in spring 2008 at Paul B. Johnson State Park under the leadership  of Moderator George Shoults from First Presbyterian Church, Pascagoula, Mississippi with the assistance of seasoned staff members from Alabama.  The weekend was remarkable.  God was clearly in control as every crisis and potential catastrophe facing the moderator and the fledgling staff of volunteers was miraculously resolved.  It was a resounding success and once again all the  participants (staff and pilgrims) returned to their home churches from across south Mississippi with renewed energy to build the Cursillo movement in Mississippi.  Since that first retreat weekend, Mississippi Presbyterian Cursillo has held two retreats per year.
In 2009, we were granted official recognition by the National Council.  MPC has now included pilgrims and staff from more than a dozen Presbyterian churches from Hernando to the coast.  We believe that this will lead to a renewal in the leadership in Presbyterian churches.  We are truly blessed.