Fifth Day

“Fifth Day” refers to the time in our relationship with God that we leave our Fourth Day behind and begin our eternal life with God, our Fifth Day in the Cursillo Community.

The three days of Cursillo are our initiation into the Cursillo family. These are followed by “Fourth Day,” which represents our earthly life. Therefore, Fifth Day represents Eternity.

We rejoice that these friends are now with God.


William (Bill) Holder, MPC 4, FPC Ocean Springs


Dianne Korn, MPC 5, Gautier Presbyterian Church

Andrew (Andy) Lay, MPC A&B, Swift Presbyterian Church, Foley AL

George Douglas, MPC B, First Presbyterian Church, Foley, AL

Bill Foster, MPC 1 and 2, First Presbyterian Church Ocean Springs


Tom McIlwain, MPC A, First Presbyterian Church Ocean Springs, MS

Isabelle “Kitty” Ely, MPC A, Gautier Presbyterian, Gautier, MS


Pam Martin, APC 16, Gautier Presbyterian Church

Aubin Clements, APC 17, staff MPC B, 1, 3, Gautier Presbyterian, Gautier, MS


Gene Wylie, MPC 3, First Presbyterian Church, Vicksburg, MS


Tom McKegney, MPC 7, Westminster Presbyterian, Hattiesburg, MS

Richard “Dick” Poole, MPC 1, Gautier Presbyterian, Gautier, MS

Willis White, MPC 1, First Presbyterian, Ocean Springs, MS


Mary Ellen Flowers, MPC #4, First Presbyterian, Vicksburg, MS

Jim Montgomery, MPC A, Westminster Presbyterian, Gulfport, MS

Wayne Martin, MPC #4, Gautier Presbyterian Church, Gautier, MS

PEGGY HOWELL, MPC #9, Vernal Presbyterian Church, Lucedale, MS


Richard Potin, MPC #5, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, MS

We’ve displayed all of the Fifth Day names which have been submitted.  If you know of any Mississippi Presbyterian Curstillista who is deceased and not listed here, please submit their name and the Cursillo attended or staffed and we will add them to the page.  Thank you.